The beginning of May we will release our first ciders on Systembolaget for YOU as a regular human being to buy and drink where ever you want when ever you want, this is a try Cider Revolution for Sweden!

The ciders will be “Definitely Cider 2017” and “Cider Revolution 2017” make sure that Systembolaget understand that fruit is the future and buy a bottle or ask your local Systembolaget store to bring them in.

To get a bigger selection buy our ciders and fruit pét-nats from our partners below. Here is a list of our importers in Europe with web shops that ship to Sweden:

DENMARK, copenhagen, Rødderogvin

neatherlands, amsterdam, winestories


Stockholm / Northern Sweden,

Southern sweden, &

We also do export to other distributors around the world. If you want to get in touch with those distributors here´s a list and some contact info. Some of them also have internet stores with shipment. If you´re country is not on the list please help us to find partners in your country!

Austria, Burgenland, eselböcks weinselektion

canada, montreal, ward et associes

DENMARK, copenhagen, Rødderogvin

England, London, Unfiltered

finland, Helsinki, LET ME wine

Italy/slovenia, wine independent

italy, berebene

neatherlands, amsterdam, winestories

Norway, Oslo, Mousey wine

russia, Moscow, kakadu beer distribution

spain, barcelona, moonwine

Switzerland, bern, weinkultur bern

Switzerland, zürich, paul blume wein

usa, New york, jenny & francois selections

If you have further questions about us or our wine makers or their products please send us an e-mail