made by hand 

We make cider(or FRUIT PET NAT) from 100% fruit, fermented with its natural yeast and without any additives. After picking, crushing and pressing the different fruits we use neutral containers to ferment the juice, mostly plastic vats. During fermentation we bottle the juice and let the last part of the natural sugar ferment in the bottle, producing bubbles and rest. 

2016 was our first commercial vintage and we made approximately 4000 liters of cider and wine, divided in 18 different "albums". 50% of the fruit is from private gardens and abandoned farms in Skåne picked by our self's, family and friends. The other 50% is "waste apples" from a fruit farmer called P-A Frukt in Kivik.

We released our first "album" during June 2017 and will continue to release new ones forthcoming during the fall 2017 and spring/summer 2018.

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171019 >>>matverk skåne<<<

1st price 2017, best regional handcrafted product skåne

Together with Hönsinge hantverksbryggeri we made a crossing between beer and wine and won both the beverage price and the price for the best handcrafted product in Skåne 2017.
With grapes (Pinot blanc) from Hällåkra vingård outside of Malmö and a beer style called saison we wanted to make something without a label or category. The drinking ability and freshness from the beer together with the complexity and concentration from a wine.
Thank you for the collaboration and we hope this will open up some eyes for future projects.

170520 >>>BIG NEWS!!!<<<

FRUKTSTEREO wins the price for best cider in Sweden! 

It is our cider from 100% Filippa apples that was awarded the price for Swedens best cider at the first ever Swedish championships at Spritmuseum on the 20th of May 2017.
We are off course very honored and hope this event will bring new light to all the real cider makers in Sweden.  


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