Succés vinicola
Albert Canela & Mariona Vendrell

conca de barbera, catalunya, spain.

In 2011 Albert and Mariona had the opportunity to create "Succés vinícola" thanks to the initiative of the Business Incubator located in Barberà de la Conca. This initiative aims to those entrepreneurs who want to develop a project, may do for a maximum period of ten years, uniquely and minimizing economic risks, since the facilities, have the necessary machinery for the production of wine.

The company name was originated focusing in the word "Succés", which meaning reflects the wines. Succés, in Catalan, like it sounds, refers to a great result of something but also a happening or en event. That´s why each of the wines reflects an event in our lifes, and this provides us the name of this wine. The importance of their work is that both of them participate equally in the creation of our wines, both in their own vineyards and in the cellar work. Some of the fruit they are using is also bought from Alberts family vineyards, still worked by his father and brother. This fruit is then made to the “eisier”cuvées while the own worked vineyards is smaller and more exclusive products. All of our vineyards belong to the villages Barberà de la Conca, Sarral and Cabra del Camp. All villages are located in North of the province of Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain.