weingut brand
daniel & jonas brand

bockenheim, pfalz, tyskland

The Brand family started its mixed farm in 1891. Ever since the family winery at Bockenheim is known for its wines full of character – today in its fifth generation. The two brothers Daniel and Jonas have adopted and further developed their father's Jürgen love of nature.
Their ideas of cultivating wine is in line with the two brothers' philosophy and way of life: Daniel and Jonas prefer regional and organic products.
Both want to work in and with nature; therefore they renounce pesticides and mineral fertilizers. Instead, the young winemakers use the power of nature: plant based products like herbal extracts or tea are used to strengthen the vines. Clay and wild herbs are intended to attract bees and other useful insects to the sites. This creates a greater variety of species and makes the vineyards more vigorous. Thus, the grounds stay healthy and fertile.